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topic posted Sat, August 25, 2007 - 11:41 AM by  trinsic
The other day I ran out of clean underwear so I put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and ran errands all day while I washed cloths at home.

I felt really sexy not wearing any thing under my jeans, and my thingy was getting hard throughout the day. It was a wonderful feeling.

Anyone do this from time to time? it turns me on thinking about how accessible i am when I get felt up.
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  • Summertime = no knickers - there is something about the sunshine and a warm breeze. ;-)
    Wintertime = no knickers with skirts, tend to wear them with pants/jeans though.

    If I am wearing a skirt or a dress, you can guarantee that I will not be wearing knickers.
  • i wear soft loose boxers, under really loose shorts, so it basically feels like im walking around naked, my hardons tend to show ;-) i wear underwear so it's softer but it's basically like wearing shorts cause that's what they are. once i get aroused then it just keeps multiplying and geting harder because i'm brushing up more and more against the soft shorts. it's nice
    • Whoa, liquis, this could be in a sexy IM message... that is a hot description.

      I wish more men would allow their erections to show. They always feel so self-conscious about them and I don't really understand that, esp. since people don't go walking down the street with their eyes focused on a a man's crouch. Our breasts are always popping out and sometimes nipples too... and they are more at eye level.

      It's just plain silly I tell you.... I think men should embrace their erections, teehee!
      • >> I think men should embrace their erections, teehee!
        I have always found it a bit foolish that women were suppose to dress sexually for men, but men were suppose to have baggy non-sexual clothes.

        I have, from time to time, posted some naked (or partly naked) sensual pictures of myself on my profile but the overall reactions have been very negative. I have always wondered why this is the case when women get such positive reactions from such pictures.
      • it would be nice if we could all just walk around wearing thing silky cloths... perhaps a little sheer, guys' cloths wrapped around their waste, woman full but all the nuances of skin and nipples showing... it would be like some kind of hedonic paradise. and very 'hard' to conceal ;-)
  • I tend to change things up. I'll wear panties for awhile, then go without for awhile. It does bring a certain sense of satisfaction to be sitting in a meeting at work when the world's going to hell in a hand basket with a secret smile because I know I'm not wearing anything.
  • nah I can't do it.....feels all airey down there like I gotta wizz or something.....if I'm wanting to surprise my partner or get into the outdoors sex I'd rather just whip em to the side ;)
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      There is something sexy about underwear, pushing them aside or what have you...adds another little layer of mystery or barrier that just momentarily extends the fun.
      • >> another little layer of mystery or barrier that
        >> just momentarily extends the fun.
        I have heard this used for many layers of clothes upto and including the Burka. I have no issue with this, however, I personally believe that the less clothing the better. :-)
  • I'm not wearing any underwear right now :D

    I rarely wear anything that takes more than a few seconds to strip down out of and drop on the floor.
    • I only wear panties when Aunt Flow is visiting. ;)

      And I have to say... that it's just the norm for me, so it's funny to see this thread, because I don't even think about it anymore. When I first stopped wearing them, I felt like I had this little secret, and I felt extra-sexy and stuff. But now, it's just the way it is... which is more comfy, of course! And now, when I wear panties, it actually makes my skin more sensitive where I shave, and it gives me those annoying little red bumps, that I don't normally get after shaving.

      And ladies..... just so ya know.... my midwife recommended I stop wearing panties years ago, because I used to be prone to yeast infections. I said, "But I wear cotton ones." She said, "Doesn't matter. Take them off." And I haven't had any trouble since. :) That was 4 years ago!
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    I've often left without underwear. However, there was one time when I was wearing a skirt and no underwear and it was just a total situation where it made me uncomfortable because it would have been SO inappropriate for anyone to have seen. I kepy my legs tightly closed that afternoon....that was a day I had thrown a pair in the laundry and left without them.

    Other times? I go "commando" lots of times in jeans or pants. I don't really see the need for it most of the time.

    I, however, do enjoy pretty underwear so I will wear them.

    Bras? These days- rarely. Except if I am wearing something that really calls for it (like something to teach). Or I will wear a sweater over whatever shirt I am going bra-less in during the hours I teach.

    Other than that? Yes, it makes me feel sexy to go underwear-less.

    • Yep, have been for years, since living in the tropics. Its just so much more comfortable. You just have to get over the fact that if a girl turns you on, its going to show!
      • >> You just have to get over the fact that if a girl turns you on, its going to show!
        I would disagree with this... for me, at least, there is a lot more to a woman turning me on than her nude form. I admire the female form, but this in and of itself does not arouse me sexually. The woman that I am now in love with, the beautiful Halcyon, is very beautiful and I enjoy seeing her naked. My sexual passion for her, however, is roused by who she is... by her intelligent and compassionate nature... by her laugh... and by all that we share together...
        • Who every mention nude form? Many things may turn me on to feel a sexual attraction to the woman. I was making a broad statement.
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            Knickers are a moot point for me; I have a pair of scissors with me 90% of the time, and if I'm inclined to leave it to the discretion of a lover they are either cut crotchless or off completely.
  • I quit wearing underwear many, many years ago. I own a few pair, but can't remember where I put them. I also wear a kilt quite a bit, and it just wouldn't be right to go around wearing something underneath it. And, yes, it does feel extra good when a lady at a faire does a kilt check, and lingers for a while.
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    Oh, I like to wear no undies. It's like my little secret. ;)
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      It's like secret no more.

      But I won't tell.
      • Like several others who posted before me I quit wearing underwear years ago too and it was originally due to a laundry situation. I realized that I was way more comfortable going commando.... and it's one less piece of clothing to get out of the way when I'm WANTING clothing to get out of the way.
        I'm also a kilt-wearer. It just wouldn't be right to wear a kilt any other way!

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